Daily Bulletin Blog: Hosted by Blogger, these are the daily bulletins read to the students.

Report a Bully: This is the link for the form for reporting an incident of bullying.

CMS-California Healthy Kids Surveys

The Healthy Kids Survey is a comprehensive and customizable youth self-report data collection system that provides essential and reliable health risk assessment and resilience information to schools, districts, and communities. An overview of this survey is available on this Website.

Carpinteria Middle School administers this survey each year to 7th graders. The survey consists of two parts, Part A and Part B, and these modules may be previewed by downloading pdf versions of the survey.  Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download from Adobe, is required for viewing the survey as a .pdf, or portable document format.

Click on the links to download the surveys:


Healthy Kids Module A    Healthy Kids Module B


Healthy Kids (Spanish) Module A   Healthy Kids (Spanish) Module B 

Online Safety: Social Networking Sites

OnGuard Online: Here is a link to good information about online safety for students.  It contains tips about social networking sites such as MySpace. 

A Parent's Guide To Social Networking Sites: This is a guide for parents published by the Federal Trade Commission.

Safety Tips for Teens: Tips for teens published by the Federal Trade Commission.

Online Safety: A large, informational site about online safety.

Resouces for Internet Safety (Download a pdf)

More Tips for Internet Safety (Download a pdf)

CMS Science Fair Links

CMS Science Fair Plans

The science department at CMS recommends the links on this page as a resource for students as they develop their science fair projects.

Be alert for changes to the science fair plans for the current year.

Typing Games

Here is a link to some games that may be used to practice keyboarding: