Chromebook OS Reinstall

Chromebook acting glitchy?  Camera not working?  Trackpad having issues?

Try reinstalling the Operating System.

Here are the written instructions.  The video that follows will also help get you started.

First, shut down your computers and restart it.  If the issue is still there try the following:

 -Shut your computer off.  

-Next, hold down the esc and refresh (the circular aarow key 3 to the right of esc) buttons.  While holding them down press and release the power     button.

-That will boot the computer in recovery mode.  You will see a large yellow exclamation point in the center of the page.

-To reinstall the software press ctrl and D.

-On the next screen, press enter.

-On the next screen, press the space bar.

-On the next screen, press enter.

-This will begin the software reinstall.  It will take a min or 2.

-When the welcome page appears click the blue button that says "let's go."

-Click OK on the language page.

-Click the blue button that says "let's go" again.

-Connect to your home network.

-Accept the Google terms of service.

-When the page that says "Enterprise Enrollment" appears, enter your school email address.

-If you get a page that says "Choose an Account" select the G Suite Account.

-Enter your school gmail password.

-It will take a min or two to enroll the computer.  Once it's done click the blue "done" button.

-That will finish the process.  You can now test the camera.  If it still does not work let me know and I will have one ready for you to exchange on       Thursday.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Johnson